My name is Kristel and I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I studied tour guiding and worked as a tour guide for several years. Then I fell in love with a Palestinian and I moved to Palestine seven years ago.

We live in Beit Safafa, a town between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Our home is between the green line, the demarcation line between Israel and the Westbank, and the Wall that Israel built. We cross military checkpoints every day to go to our Singer Cafe and Al Jisser bar in Bethlehem. Our two children, Louisa and Hadi, go to a school in Bethlehem as well.

I am studying the tour guide program at the Bethlehem Bible College to become a local tour guide. I am learning so much about Palestine and I really love the history and cultural heritage of this place.

Since the pandemic there is no more tourism in Palestine. That’s why I decided to take people on a virtual tour. I share unexpected and inspiring stories about the history of Palestine, the heritage, the nature plus my own life experiences.

Every Monday there is a new episode.

I hope you will enjoy listening. Maybe one day you will be able to come and visit Palestine. You can always reach out if you need help with organizing your trip or if you want to hire a tour guide!

For now, I would be very grateful if you consider buying me a coffee (or a falafel) so that I can continue creating new content for this podcast. I love what I am doing and I hope you are loving it too!