Traces of Home

In this podcast episode you can hear an interview with Colette Ghunim about the film ‘Traces of Home’ that she has been working on for the past years. The film brings her parents back to Mexico and Palestine from where they respectively were forced to leave due to different circumstances.

Colette grew up in a suburb of Chicago and was never really exposed to her roots as her parents were trying to move beyond their trauma and focused on raising their children in the American society.

When Colette lived for a while in Egypt she made some social media reports about women harassment and when her video went viral, she decided to make a short documentary about this topic.

This experience led her to a new project: tracing her roots with her parents, documenting their journeys back to the homes where they had to leave from.

Palestinian refugee from Safad

Colette’s father is Palestinian, born in 1944. His family was forcibly displaced from Safad in 1948. Although her father did not have clear memories of Safad and of the Nakba, he carries the family trauma with him and as they are making this film the family is going through a process of grief and healing.

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