Handmade Palestine

This is the third episode of a series on artisans in Palestine. I make these episodes to support Handmade Palestine. If you want to know more about them you can go back two episodes and listen to what they are doing! They do not only support local artisans to sell their handicrafts but they also plant trees in Palestine. They have a piece of land outside of Ramallah where they have an arboretum and an eco project.

Artisans market Ramallah

Last weekend Handmade Palestine organized an artisans market in Ramallah at La Vie Cafe. La Vie is run by Morgan and her husband Saleh. They are also the initiators of the arboretum and they try to sustain their project with the sales through Handmade Palestine.

This artisans market was the first one since the Covid pandemic. This market also marked the start of the crowdfunding campaign for Handmade Palestine. They really need some budget to do more online marketing and to spread the word so that more people from around the world will actually visit the website and BUY the products!

Palestinian artisans

I was invited to come and record for this podcast episode. It was impossible time-wise to talk to all the different artisans so I recommend that you visit the website https://HandmadePalestine.com to see the complete offer of handicrafts.

But this episode will give you a good impression and really the artisans speak with so much love and passion about their work, I am sure you will enjoy listening!