Stories from Palestine podcast first anniversary

The very first episode of Stories from Palestine podcast was launched on 15 August 2020. It was in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic. I was studying the tour guide program at the Bethlehem Bible College and unable to practice with tourists, because there were no tourists anymore. I decided to record audio to share with people around the world. The best way to share audio is by hosting a podcast.

I did not know anything about podcasting. I had to learn everything by watching tutorials and just trying and learning in the process.

Within a few weeks I had gathered all information. I found Buzzsprout as a good podcast host and I created a WordPress website and a Ko-fi page to be able to receive donations for the podcast.

With the help of many supporters I managed to get the necessary equipment for podcast recording.

Statistics of Stories from Palestine podcast

As I am writing this blog post, the podcast has reached 18.524 downloads since the start. Most episodes have at least 300 listeners. The best listened to episode is the one about Dabka in Palestine. This episode was downloaded 1183 times at the time of this writing.

Since the beginning of the podcast there were listeners from over 110 different countries. The highest number of listeners is from the United States, followed by Netherlands (where I am originally from), Israel, Palestine and the UK.

Special episode of Stories from Palestine to celebrate

This week’s podcast episode is a special anniversary episode to celebrate the podcast. It has a bit of background about the podcast and about my personal relationship to Palestine. But also you can hear from twelve listeners to the podcast about their connection to Palestine and to the podcast. They tell us what their favorite episodes are, what they would like to hear in the future and sometimes personal stories about how they know about the podcast and how they met me.

Enjoy listening to this episode, share the podcast with others and if you want to do a gift to the podcast then you can easily do that on