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A compilation of voices from different parts of Palestine

This week a lot of things happened and shifted in Palestine. It started with the Israeli restrictions imposed on Palestinians in Jerusalem during the month of Ramadan. In the same time there were protests to support the Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood who are threatened to be evicted from their homes by settler organizations supported by the Israeli forces.

The Israeli forces also attacked the worshipers at the Aqsa mosque and for several days they used full force and a lot of violence to remove the people from the Aqsa compound. Then the resistance in the Gazastrip responded with rockets. And Israel started bombing the Gaza strip.

In the meantime inside the 48 lands (the current State of Israel) the Palestinians were protesting and the response by the Israeli forces was to use a lot of violence. Another scary development is that mobs of Israeli settlers started roaming the cities of Palestinians inside 48 lands and marking the houses of Palestinians and attacking them on the streets and in their homes.

In this podcast episode you can hear voices from Jaffa, Lydd, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Tequa and Gaza about the situation and context of what is happening right now.

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