Learning about Palestine should definitely include stories about daily life, cultural habits and traditions. This episode contains a cheerful chat with Najuan, a Palestinian woman who lives in the Netherlands. She lives in my country and I live in hers. We laugh about cultural differences and personal experiences.

How Dutch people always think Najuan dresses her daughter too many clothes while Palestinians used to tell Kristel “Haram, you should dress your kids warmer!” We talk about the differences in hospitality. A Palestinian meal consists of a table full of too much food and your plate will be filled over and over again until you had more than enough, while a Dutch meal is prepared to be just enough for everyone so that Najuan gets a little uncomfortable to take another round. A Dutch friend will tell you “okay, get home safely” when you say you are leaving, while a Palestinian will be like “are you leaving, that’s early, stay!” And many more examples that will make you laugh and learn more about Palestine AND the Netherlands.

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