Welcome to Stories from Palestine podcast
Welcome to Stories from Palestine podcast
In the courtyard of Maqam Nabi Musa shrine Moses
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The history of Beit Shean

Beit Shean or Beisan Beit Shean or Beisan as it is called by Palestinians because before 1948 it was called […]

The Armenian Museum in Jerusalem

Armenians in Jerusalem In a previous episode with Apo Sahagian,  we talked about the Armenian community in Jerusalem. This episode […]

A visit to Akka / Akko / Acre

  The history of Akko There is some confusion about the name of this port city. In Arabic they pronounce […]

Ancient Asqalan

Asqalan: ancient port city on the Mediterranean The city of Asqalan started to grow into a big city during the […]

Nativity Church audio tour

This is an audio tour of the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem that you can either listen to while visiting […]

Nativity Church Bethlehem

The Church of Nativity in Bethlehem When visitors come to Bethlehem I usually start by telling them that I am […]


I really enjoyed it. Thanks for what you do Kristel. and Looking forward for your work.
George Zeidan

George Zeidan

Loving this virtual road trip - made me feel very emotional with the stories from 1948. I felt the great sweep of history of these lands - you captured it so well. So happy to hear of your global success.

Linda Loganathan

I LOVE your podcast!!! I Hope the response you are getting is positive because it’s magic, I listen while getting ready for work and you transport me. Someday I will get to visit you but in the mean time I get to learn, travel, adventure virtually with you.

Samia van Hattum

Kristel, love your podcasts and the enthusiasm you bring to the topic of the week and lively and informative guests you interview. Great use of technology to reach a global family. Look forward to listening to many more in the months and hopefully years ahead. Dylan & Family x

Dylan Glyn Jones

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